Suddenly seeing error gatsby-core-utils@4.2.0:

We are suddenly seeing this error on our builds

8:26:52 AM: error gatsby-core-utils@4.2.0:

This started today (01/12/22) - we have no updated any code, packages etc for some time, it just suddenly started happening today and we can no longer deploy. It suggests updating to Node 18 but this isn’t a quick fix for us and our code will need updating - we need the site updating asap.

Any help how to resolve this asap, appreciated.

Hey there, @boringmoney :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. We investigated this a bit further by looking at this deploy: Netlify App.

It looks like this is a build memory issue. Can you try using Try using build image locally: GitHub - netlify/build-image: This is the build image used for running automated builds?

Let us know if this gets you on the right track!

Thank you for the suggestion. You’ll have to forgive my ignorance, but how will this help us? I’m not sure what to do with this.

Hi @boringmoney,

You need to run your app locally to make sure it’s not going over the allocated memory resources. If it is (which it seems like), you need to optimise your build process to not consume so much memory.

When we build locally, we don’t experience any issues.

How would we go about optimizing - do you have a link I can look at? Some suggested areas to focus on?

Hiya @boringmoney ,

A couple of good resources:

Note from the above article, as a Business level customer, you have 11GiB/6Cpu to work with in your builds.

I was getting this error as well in a similar scenario (no major content changes, significant code changes, etc), and upon forcing an old version of gatsby-core-utils, my Netlify deployments started working again.

I did this by updating my packages.json and adding a resolutions directive to it:

“resolutions”: {
“gatsby-core-utils”: “=v3.24.0”

I don’t get this when running locally and I’ll have to dig into things further, but this resolved my issue for now.

Would love to know if this helped!

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