Suddenly all my builds are failing, even previously working verisions (Happens for 2 of my projects)

Two of my nuxt-based netlify projects are suddenly failing all builds with the following errors

These errors look like they originate from vue-bootstrap components due to core-js missing, but even after adding that i still get the errors.

Now i would understand this if i somehow messed up the dependencies or forgot to update the package.json, but here’s where it gets weird:

The builds compile just fine locally on all 3 of the machines i have available (2x windows 1x linux/ubuntu)

I even tried creating a new branch from a month old commit that previously passed but that also fails now.

Hi, @NotHolst, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

Would you please link us to a deploy with this error at Netlify (meaning, send us a URL for the deploy starting with https://