Sudden failed build due to python dependency

Without any changes from our side, the build on our site “netdata” ( started failing. The error messages are below.

6:23:12 AM: Starting build script
6:23:12 AM: Installing dependencies
6:23:12 AM: /usr/local/bin/ line 170: /opt/buildhome/python3.6/bin/activate: No such file or directory
6:23:12 AM: Shutting down logging, 5 messages pending 

Our runtime.txt has 3.5, no idea why is looking for python3.6, which is not supported (as per

If the source repository or the build log are public, can you share links to them?

See under docs/generator for and the requirements.txt

Are you still running into this? That is really strange, since you’re right that we don’t support 3.6. It looks like your runtime.txt used to say 3.6, so I’m wondering if there was a cache issue at some point. I think our next suggestion would be to check your file and if that’s what pulls the Python version, locally print the Python version that it finds and confirm that it is 3.5. If it is, then my next suggestion would be to deploy with the “Clear cache and deploy site” button:

Do you want to give those a shot and let us know how they go?

I am experiencing the same issue here.

    2:12:03 AM: Preparing Git Reference refs/heads/master
    2:12:03 AM: Starting build script
    2:12:03 AM: Installing dependencies
    2:12:03 AM: /usr/local/bin/ line 170: /opt/buildhome/pythonpython-3.6.9/bin/activate: No such file or directory
    2:12:03 AM: Error setting python version from runtime.txt
    2:12:03 AM: Please see for current versions

Am using vuepress for the docs and it has nothing do with the python part of the project.

Answered you over here :slight_smile: Manage builds on projects with multiple languages

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