Subdomain without additional branch

Hi all, I have a website that I registered with Google registrar and I use netlify custom dns. I would like to create a subdomain for another project of mine, that is, a small cloud that I will be using as a back up. So, if my website url is, I would like my subdomain to be I read a few posts here and there about netlify and I know that it is possible to create a subdomain for additional branches of the github repo, but could I create one for my cloud?

I haven’t started yet because I would like to know if that’s possible before I start working on it.

Thank you in advance!

You can indeed create a subdomain to point it to any other website. You’d need the CNAME records of the desired address.

The branch subdomain feature is only for people wanting to host the subdomains in the same website as well.

Thank you! I just need another clarification just to be sure: I am going to point the subdomain to a server that currently is not accessible from the internet, only in local network. From what you wrote, I understand that when I will make my server accessible from the internet, I will be able to access it through my subdomain without having to buy other domains. Am I correct?

I believe so. As long as the DNS resolution succeeds for the browsers, it should work.

However, if you want for a 100% confirmation, you can wait a little longer till official support team confirms this for you.

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Hi, @alexcarchiar. Yes, this is possible with all DNS services, Netlify DNS included.

For example, you might have a domain name for your publicly addressable third-party server or you might have an IP address for it. For a domain name, you create a CNAME record for your subdomain pointing to the other domain name. For an IP address, you create an A record for your subdomain pointing to that IP address (or IP addresses).

This is how you point a subdomain for your domain to another system. This works the same way at Netlify as it does with any other DNS service.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.

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