Subdomain SSL Extension for Branch Deploy

My site is
I recently enabled branch deploys (with git branch “evening”). The site is up at evening– and I’ve added a CNAME DNS record to point to
Please could you extend my SSL certificate to include the “party-time” subdomain?

On a related note, while I can deploy the “evening” branch and view the url, the content matches the “production” / master branch, available at, instead of the “evening” branch “evening–mystifying-volhard-96cab9”.

Hey there,

Just so you know, wildcard subdomains are a Pro feature and, as such, you would need to upgrade your account for us to enable this. Hope this helps!

Okay, thanks. The docs for Branch subdomains, and the support page it links to don’t mention this is a pro feature - could these be updated to save people time in the future?

Hey @petenaish,

I do apologise, I misunderstood! We can definitely work on getting this up-and-running.

Your DNS record should be should be, rather than party-time.nai-sh, as you’re using the ‘evening’ branch. This is by design and unconfigurable–the subdomain must match the branch name. This Common Issue doc should be able to point you in the right direction!

However, if you’re keen on making use of the ‘party-time’ subdomain, it may be an option to set up a second site and serve this branch separately.

Nice one @Scott - I’ve gone with the second site route! Thanks for your help!

Not a problem. Stay safe; keep on partying :sunglasses:!