Subdomain DNS Propagation

Hello there, I am trying to deploy a WordPress website hosted in SiteGround, I pointed the DNS to netlify and hosted the WordPress installation to a subdomain
The main domain it’s not working:
I can fetch the data from the WordPress installation and render everything in my localhost (works on my machine, right? ) :smiley:
How can I make the main domain to work? Do I need to point also the main DNS to the Siteground provider?
Thank you for the help, and please, do not roast me.

Best wishes.

Hi @elsimater,

Thanks for reaching out!

I don’t believe the issue is with the DNS at this time, visiting is going to a Page Not Found. I also see the same when going to Have you seen this Support Guide:

The Support Guide explains what could be the cause and how to fix.

We also have a Blog article on deploying Astro site on Netlify here:

Let us know if you have any questions.

HelloMelvin, thank you for your help, I will re-take the project in my hands today, and try to fixed.
Gonna dive in the blog article you suggest.

Found it the solution in the blog post that you suggested!

How To Deploy an Astro Site

It needed To enable SSR in Astro on Netlify with the adapter.

Thank you!

Thanks for coming back and sharing your solution with the community! This is really helpful.

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