Static Gatsby Site Preloads Erroneous JS Resources

So, I have a static Gatsby site. Honestly, it works great, but for some reason, I’m getting errors in the console. The site seems to attempt to load erroneous js resources as text/html; charset=utf-8 content before loading the actual resources as application/javascript. I’m curious if this is harming the site’s performance. Very rarely, the webpage fails to rehydrate static resources and causes the page to display without js. I have tried running gatsby clean. I’m wondering if one of the Gatsby plugins is responsible for this issue. Does anyone have any experience with an issue similar to this?

Netfliy Live Site:

Current Config:

    gatsby: ^2.24.57
    gatsby-plugin-catch-links: ^2.3.11
    gatsby-plugin-google-analytics: ^2.3.13
    gatsby-plugin-html-attributes: ^1.0.5
    gatsby-plugin-manifest: ^2.4.27
    gatsby-plugin-netlify: ^2.3.14
    gatsby-plugin-react-helmet: ^3.3.4
    gatsby-plugin-remove-console: 0.0.2
    gatsby-plugin-remove-serviceworker: ^1.0.0
    gatsby-plugin-sass: ^2.1.3
    gatsby-plugin-typescript: ^2.1.2
    node-sass: ^4.14.1
    react: ^16.8.6
    react-dom: ^16.8.6
    react-helmet: ^6.1.0
    react-hook-inview: ^4.2.0
    react-lottie: ^1.2.3
    react-revea: ^1.2.2
    react-tooltip: ^4.2.6
    typescript: ^3.5.3
    webpack: ^4.36.1

Build Plugins

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Gatsby Cache
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Inline critical CSS
Inline source
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hmm, @miahstanley, does this happen locally at all?