Staging Subdomains DNS entry

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we currently use the netlify CLI in at the end of a CI to deploy the builds of our website to netlify. The staging branch is published to staging– and we configured a DNS entry pointing from to it. But despite the DNS entry, does not redirect to staging– but to instead ( which is the main Branch).

PS: I got an “ExternalUploadHelpers::ExternalUploadValidationError” error trying to upload images of the DNS entry and build process.
Sitename: semasquare

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Hi, @ssquare. The issue in this case is that the branch deploys are only possible if using the Git-back “build and deploy” workflow at Netlify. If you make manual deploys using the CLI tool, the API, or using the web UI - then the branch deploys features will not work.

There is an open feature request for the deploys using the --alias option to be treated as branch deploys here:

To summarize, it isn’t possible at this time. If you watch that issue, we’ll update it if when this feature becomes available.

​Please let us know if there are any other questions about this.