SSL not assigned


SSL is not assigned to my site even after several hours of propagation. Can you please check this?

Site id: beamish-cendol-8a1e98

Thank you

Hey @s-kris

What is the custom domain you are trying to configure?

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

domain connected:

primary domain:

The CNAME record for is not correct.

% dig CNAME	1800	IN	CNAME

As per the Configure external DNS for a custom domain documentation, the CNAME record should point to your Netlify site (e.g.

A similar config is working for other sites in my account. What changed for this?

I’m building a blogging platform on top of netlify. So, I wanted my customers to use my custom domain in their cname instead of netlify’s subdomain.

No change has occurred.

Got it.

So, why was the SSL assigned for other sites where my custom domain was used then?

I can’t explain that. Can you provide the other site name and custom domain?


netlify site name: regal-kulfi-78ec47
custom domain:
mapped to:

SSL is successfully generated

One more:

netlify site name: gifted-beaver-6e619f
custom domain:
primary domain:
mapped to:

A @

SSL is successfully generated

@coelmay can you check the SSL now?

site id: beamish-cendol-8a1e98

The DNS for looks correct, but there is no SSL.

Have you tried clicking the Renew Certificate button under Site settings > Domain management > HTTPS?

Yes, I did. Multiple times. It’s been over 24 hours.

Hi, @s-kris. It looks like the custom domain were added to that site back on 2022-05-05. Our service will attempt to provision the SSL certificate for seven days, frequently at first and less frequently as time goes on. At a certain point, we assume the DNS records are never going to be updated and stop trying to provision SSL.

If this happen, you can click the “Verify DNS configuration” button found under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > HTTPS. When I did this the SSL was provisioned successfully.

My best guess is that the DNS records historically were not correct and now they are. However, without hard data about the past DNS configuration (which I do not have) this is only a guess.

If there are other questions or the SSL still isn’t working when you test, please let us know.

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