SSL error with subdomain

I tried to add a new app to netlify with a subdomain however this is not working. DNS on our end looks all setup and correct. The response from the the host is 526 (Invalid SSL certificate). Docs say to contact support to re-issue a new SSL. Please let me know the best way to resolve this.
Thank you.

host on netlify is:
this works ^ (but domain linked to it does not)

The hostname attached to that site is not pointing to our CDN. This is what a DNS lookup returns (I’ve hidden the hostname since you seemed to want it hidden):

YOURHOST has address
YOURHOST has address
YOURHOST has address
YOURHOST has IPv6 address 2606:4700:3036::ac43:cf2e
YOURHOST has IPv6 address 2606:4700:3032::681b:9846
YOURHOST has IPv6 address 2606:4700:3031::681b:9946

Seems like that is pointing to cloudflare, who will have to manage SSL for you. If you configure as mentioned here instead, then we can get SSL:

Note that using cloudflare as a proxy to netlify is a bad idea as described here, so the second solution I mention (configuring to point to us without proxying) is preferred:

Thanks @fool I have turned off cloudflare for that route and all appears to be working. Appreciate all your help :slight_smile:

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