Split testing with reverse proxies?

So I don’t think anything like this is offered by Netlify. We would like to test two different versions of an ecommerce website – an old wordpress version vs. a Gatsby version with new design. I would need to talk to the team about specifics, but ideally we could split up traffic something like 70/30 and test conversions. This articles talks about how this agency has achieved something similar with nginx: https://www.viget.com/articles/split-test-traffic-distribution-with-nginx/.

I’m aware of Netlify’s default solution for split testing, but as we are dealing with a WP site on another server I was wondering if something like the above would be possible?

Hi @kmcaloon,

I haven’t read the article you mentioned, but you can have a second branch where you proxy your Wordpress site and setup a split test between that branch and another one. I believe that would accomplish what you’re trying to do.

Thanks @futuregerald. I’ll need to look into this. If it’s pretty straightforward to set up a proxy for specific branch then that should do the trick. Thanks again.

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