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Perform URL targeted split testing through new redirect options

Currently A/B testing on Netlify is handled through branches. This can be satisfactory for most but not all use case.

It means any changes pushed on the “production” branch needs to be instantly synched with the testing branch during the full length of the test. It also has some repercussions on which we don’t have much control when using Netlify Identity

For git-based content projects, this can become cumbersome as every content edit now requires a branch sync. This is only solvable by GitHub actions (when they work… today they dont.).

I wish there was a way to only do split testing on a limited number of pages of the site rather than all of it.

I figure the most simple implementation for this could be a new redirect option:

/products /products-test target=50% 200

This would ensure only 50% of the visitors are subject to this rewriting rule.

The syntax/keyword does not matter, but controlling the percentage of audience targeted by the redirect is essential to use this as a new split testing method.

interesting idea, @regisphilibert ! I have passed this on to our product team. If we end up implementing something like this, we will definitely let you know!

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