Split Testing: Branches deployed with API are not shown

Hey there,

got a problem with split-testing. If i am deploying my branches with the API I can not choose them for split-testing, although they are published and can also be reached via the URL.

If I request both deploys via the endpoint:
they have both the same schema, the same context: branch-deploy and the same state: ready.
Also, both have the valid deploy_url with the branch name as prefix

SiteId: 0db15720-5ad7-4cdd-bad9-77fc63d7afce

state: 'ready',
id: 621649ba2ecad4009e349325
ssl_url: 'https://gifted-lichterman-2769bf.netlify.app',
deploy_ssl_url: 'https://testing11--gifted-lichterman-2769bf.netlify.app',
context: 'branch-deploy',
branch: 'testing11',

state: 'ready',
id: 62164c9210c986008eed8256
ssl_url: 'https://gifted-lichterman-2769bf.netlify.app',
deploy_ssl_url: 'https://testing12--gifted-lichterman-2769bf.netlify.app',
context: 'branch-deploy',
branch: 'testing12',

I have already read this post, but unfortunately it does not help, as the context seems to be correct for me. As you can see from the result above, both deploys have the context: 'branch-deploy'.

When I request the end point:
I only get my working branch to choose from and not testing 12 (logical, otherwise I could also choose it for the split test).

So it seems that my branch deploy is still missing on this endpoint so I can select it for the split test.

How can I make it through the API that my branch deploy is also available under this endpoint/ is available for split testing?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @paul,

Branch deploys could only be created via Git. The branch needs to be connected to the repo and that’s not possible when deploying via API or CLI. I can see that you’ve connected other branches via the repo and they seem to be working fine.