SPF record that we have been given by another company is apparently an invalid format

I’m trying to an SPF record for a site that we have developed so that another company can send masked emails on our behalf…

The site is https://alma.vacations

When trying to add the SPF record we get the following error:

I have asked the other company to clarify if they have done something incorrect on their end, but I thought I would also ask here, incase I did anything wrong or if Netlify needs to make any changes to our domain settings at all on your end.

Thank you

hmmmmm…nobody have any sort of issue like this before?

Hiya @arrowgtp!

Had not seen that specific error before; few people use SPF records directly (preferring TXT records instead). Still not sure what you had pasted in there, but when I retyped it directly, all went as intended, and it is in place now. Perhaps there was a trailing carriage return or some other wacky character in your paste?

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Hi @fool! …feels odd typing fool, but…ok! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, I spent all weekend trying to learn about SPF records, then just a few minutes ago, before getting this message, I just typed it in and it worked! Dunno what happened when I copied and pasted from the other persons email, but now it seems to work…

…so, yes, thank you, and you can mark this as resolved, thank you :slight_smile:

…and you say I should use a TXT record instead of an SPF record for an SPF record…why is that? can i have both? will they conflict?

Re: TXT vs SPF - You only want one or the other! Stick with what you have is my advice.

I intentionally go by fool since my given names are “Christopher” (which even as employee 9 at Netlify, my boss and our founder is named Chris), and Michael - and there is too much namespace collision, so I chose something nobody else would choose.

Also shows that I like self-deprecating humor I guess :slight_smile: And I would not have been able to have:


…were I to use Chris instead :slight_smile:

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well, aiiight den! Thank you very much Chris :slight_smile:

You should NEVER use SPF record since it is deprecated. ALWAYS use a TXT record https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7208#section-3.1