Special characters are not correctly decoded while executing build hook

Hello, I’ve set up build hook to trigger build manually.

When I’m using branch name without special characters it’s working fine.

The problem is when I try to trigger build with trigger_branch containing special character like: feature/somename

Netlify tries to fetch code from branch feature/somename instead of feature/somename causing build to fail.

I tried using --data-urlencode while executing curl, but it didn’t help.


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Hi, @kamilchlebek, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

You are correct that special characters are not handled properly in build webhooks. We have an open issue filed for this behavior and we’ll update this topic if/when the issue is resolved.

If other people find this issue and community topic, please :heart: the original post above to indicate your interest is seeing this resolved.

I walked down the same path as @kamilchlebek trying to get Netlify to play nice with the new version of Heroku’s review apps. For now, my team is gonna have to do something like initials--branch-name instead of our usual initials/branch-name. Would love to see this fixed.

As promised, we will follow up here if we do implement a fix :slight_smile:

Wanted to let y’all know we’ve shipped an update to this behavior. Webhooks can now use any branch names supported by git.

If there are questions or concerns, please reply and we’ll be happy to answer.