Solidjs deploy from git - npm ERR! Unable to authenticate, need: BASIC realm="Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager"

I’ve built a boring app with solidjs on github. It builds and runs locally fine and if I do a manual deploy on netlify, but when I try to link deployment to my github account. It fails. Keep in mind, I have no issues deploying other sites (react, etc) from the same account and so, I’m fairly confident it’s not a permissions issue between netlify and github. It appears to be a versioning issue with npm on netlify.

10:48:16 AM: npm ERR! Unable to authenticate, need: BASIC realm=“Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager”

Any advice?

Hi @ohchad and welcome to the forums!

I have been looking through our forums and came across this thread and followed it to this StackOverflow post. Which suggests to remove the package-json.lock file from the repo and redeploy your site on netlify.

Let us know if this worked for you! If not please give us some more details such as your site name, additional build logs and/or share your repo if possible.