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Issue when deploying with GitHub, but not when uploading the folder


When I am trying to deploy my portfolio site with netlify, using GitHub, I am getting an error. If I upload the same site in a folder and upload it straight to netlify, it goes through and deploys with no errors. Please help.


I will upload the deploy log to a file then attach the link as I have limited characters on here.

Deploy Log: https://angry-goldwasser-8a2e0f.netlify.app/deploylog.txt

Hi @PatN123

The node-gyp error you are receiving is because of node-sass. Try out this solution I previously posted.

Thanks for your reply.
I have tried this,

And after a long wait for the build, it failed. I have uploaded the new build log to https://angry-goldwasser-8a2e0f.netlify.app/deploylog1.txt

I hope this can get fixed, thanks.

Are you able to share your git repository?

Yes, it is now public.
PatelN123/Nayan-Personal-CV-Site: Nayan’s Personal CV Site (github.com)

This is a template from online, and I am just editing it by the way.

Thanks @PatN123

Looking at your package.json, you have no build script which is generally what is run by Netlify’s build system. It is possible that removing the package-lock.json could resolve the issue you are facing.

However, I don’t know that you need a build script. I was able to view your site as is without the need to run gulp build first (as would have happened when you are uploading the site manually using drag & drop.)

If you remove the package.json, package-lock.json and gulpfile.js from your GitHub repository, and remove the build command from the Netlify UI, I believe your site will deploy as you expect.


Thank you so much! I will try this

Hi @coelmay,

I have just checked and it seems to have failed again.

Here is the log:


Never mind, my bad. I forgot to remove the build script.

Works great now! Thanks for your help.