Slow Build Times on Free Tier?

My HUGO site build time is going to almost one minute whereas people on the HUGO forum told me they were able to locally build the site in 150ms. So when I told them I am using Netlify free tier, they informed me that the free tier purposely slows down the build time. Just wondering if that is true? I wasn’t able to find anything on Google.

Not true. So, we never slow builds down.

We actually want builds in and out of our buildbot as quick as possible because this means we’re using fewer resources and, in turn, this reduces our overheads.

Our buildbot has finite resources which serve as a happy-medium with regards to performance and cost. I hope that this is the limitation that our friends over at Hugo are suggesting!

Thank you, guess I will have to see why the build is so slow with barely any pages! D:

Feel free to share a log! Otherwise, we have this handy dandy guide which can explain the build process a bit better than me :slight_smile: