Site throws 500 when using nextjs > 13.3.1

Hey There,

I do have a weird issue with one of my sites.
Setting nextjs to version 13.3.2 and above leads to 500 Errors.

The Site works well locally and on Vercel.

I also tried this:

But without success.

I also created a new site in netlify, but also same error.

The site is also working with $netlify dev.

I dont know how i could further debug this…

Site is available under:


The error is here: Function details | Functions | admirable-strudel-3cf24d | Netlify

Looks like some error with the code.

Ah thank you, now i know how to get to the logs of the functions.

But still the error does not really help me.
As far as i understand this, the stacktrace shows some next files, that throw the error.
Not some of mine, or at the least the error does not lead me somewhere.

What i still dont understand is, that the same site works locally AND on Vercel.

So it has to have something to do with some settings or so on Netlify.
Or are there any issues knows with a specific Node Version and the Netlify runtime?

Debugging this site by changing something, uploading it and then seeing that it is still not working, is very time consuming.