500 internal server error

After deploying a NextJS project to netlify I receive a 500 internal server error. It happened after renaming a json file and updating references. As soon as I revert the commit, it works again.

Also tried to setup a new website/deploy/project in netlify, without luck…

However there is no problem locally and I also tried deploying the project to vercel without any issues. Unfortunately there is no error in the console oid.

Saw multiple topic since yesterday with the similar error, coincidence? Or is there something happening in the back.

Netlify subdomain:

I’m not sure if this related, but GitHub had a brief period of drastic issues with PRs and pushes, in the wee hours of the morning Mar 18th.

Actually there were two separate incidents Mar 18 in the morning.

Hmm interesting, didn’t knew that! However I’ve re-builded a couple times now but unfortunately I still see the error500. Also deployed the exact same repo to vercel, without any issue. So I’ve the feeling it’s somehow related to netlify. Thanks for the headsup about Github.

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