Site suddenly not deploying, with delicious irony

LOVE Netlify! Wow! I just wrote an article about deploying VuePress sites to Netlify using GitHub… and suddenly it’s not updating. I haven’t locked the site or anything. If you visit the article you’ll see that my example deployed Dropbox for its local repo. Reddit got mad at me for that so I updated to something saner. You can see the updated article at but when I deploy, it still shows the version using Dropbox. I tried deploying with a cache clearing too. Deploy log looks OK, though I’m not a Netlify power user.

hey tomcam - great tutorial - keep it up! looks like you updated the in the root of your project ( and not the in the /docs/ directory (


YOU ROCK, Adam! Thanks for pointing out my egregious rookie mistake, another irony because of course the is supposed to live only in the /docs directory. Thank you so much.