Site shows chitchat page
When I go to my site instead of displaying what I expect it to, it shows the chitchat page. I have dist identified as the publish directory, which contains the index.html. I am not sure if there is something else in the settings that I need to specify to get the page to render properly. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

@slebron If you haven’t noticed your output.css is showing as a 404.

The path to it in the output is /dist/output.css and the file is clearly not there:

I’m not sure what you’ve built with (if anything), but to see what Netlify would see locally, run your build command (if you have one - it’s usually something like npm run build), go into whatever your Publish directory is (or just the directory of your files if you have no build process), and then run npx serve.

Thanks for responding Nathan! In my github repo there is no output.css and the index.html that shows in the console is completely different than the index.html in my github repo. It almost seems like it isn’t really connected to the github repo but I have no idea where these files in the console are coming from.

@slebron Are you able to provide access to the repository?

It’s going to be hard for anyone to help you debug with only partial information.

@slebron Your project intends to run its own Express server, and as such you won’t be able to host it “as is” on Netlify.

The intended workflow on Netlify is that your build produce static files (which are deployed to CDN), and Serverless Functions (which are deployed as AWS Lambda’s).

There’s is no “long running node.js service” with Netlify.

You’ll notice in the in your repo that the example is hosted on Heroku.

You could host with any provider that lets you run your own node.js server… Heroku, Render, Google Cloud Run etc.

@slebron glad you found your solution!

Thank you so much for your help Nathan! I really appreciate it!