Site note displaying some pages


We have had a page running on netlify since 2019 without error.

Yesterday we are suddenly getting a tolLowerCase error, see attached image.

The git has changes, the code hasnt change sinced 2020, it was running along nicely and now our home page is suddenly no longer appearing.

The sub pages are coming up without any issues.

Would anyone have any idea why this would be happening? Is this a netlify issue?

The developer who built this has left company a while back, so we knew this day might come one day soon!

Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

Based on the screenshot, I suggest no.

Can you please share the name of your site as debugging a screenshot is impossible.

it uses azure authentication but you should get a home page. The page is blank when loaded at the moment.

This is what I see (not completely blank.)

I don’t see the error in your screenshot.

The error in your screenshot appears to suggest null is the value passed to toLowerCase() which is why it is failing. Without the ability to replicate this is only a best guess.

Yes, we are not getting that on our internal network. The plot thickens.