Sinatra (Ruby framework) error 404

I built a very basic app with Sinatra framework for Ruby. The Github repo is here GitHub - francoisedumas/sinatra_rss_feed

  • Netlify site name
  • Build = ok

When I go to the site I’ve got an error 404. I look on the forum it seems not many people used Sinatra with Netlify!
I have an index.html.erb for the root, but as it is I have no public folder.
Could this cause the error 404?

Thanks for your help

I’m not familiar with Sinatra, but this is a third-party project with a Netlify example that may be able to point you in the right direction: GitHub - benpickles/parklife: Render a Rack app (Rails/Sinatra/etc) to a static build so it can be served by Netlify, Now, GitHub Pages, S3, or any other web server.

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Hi Katrina,
Thanks for your help!
That’s definitely the good direction for me! It seems this gem kind of generate the missing pieces to deploy on Netlify or Github pages.
Unfortunately after trying, … it still doesn’t work (neither on Github or Netlify).
But I think my problem comes from not having the public folders. I’ll keep digging how to solve this!

I generated a new Netlify site

Your Sinatra app needs a running / listening server and does not have a build command. You might want to give Middleman a spin instead:

thanks! I’ll go with this option.

Just to confirm, with Middleman it works like a charm!

Hi thanks for coming back and confirming you have your solution!