Simple question about redirects

I was following @laura’s amazing article ([Common Issue] Can I deploy multiple repositories in a single site?) to get my independent blog site as the /blog of my main site. Thank you for that.

One simple question I have is that she mentioned that your second site could be another site not even on hosted Netlify. How does that work with SSL? I realize it is just a proxy and the other site has its own SSL, but would there be any issues with “proxying in” an an already functional e-commerce store?

Thanks for your time!

Should work fine, with or without SSL! Our proxy is pretty forgiving in case you only have http available - we’ll encrypt to the browser, then send plaintext to your server.

But in your case, one assumes your shop is already ssl protected, then you’d just proxy to https://yourshop and it will be encrypted to our server, re-encrypted to your server and back, then encrypted back to the client, safely.