Showing content on godaddy subdomain

I have domain @ godaddy , I created there subdomain

I have app on
I want to show the content of on without visible redirection so user cant see in url bar but only can see the with content of .

Anyone please advise me on the steps how do I get those results and if is possible ?
Main domain website is hosted on godaddy but I need node app in subdomain from netlify .


Hi @danter83

Check out the Configure a subdomain documentation.

If you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to reply.

Thank you !
On godaddy on my DNS records I added:

Name: sub
TTL 1hr

Hopefully this is correct - I will wait and see if this works.

If you have any further issues/questions, please provide the domain and Netlify site you are working with.

Im getting this:
Not Found - Request ID: 01GFBZPXPVA5T13M3RBQ3F4FKS
But not sure if this is response from godaddy or from netlify ?

That’s a response from Netlify.

What is the custom domain and Netlify site name?

Have you added the custom domain to your site?