Shopify Hydrogen API Endpoint throws "Recursive requests to the same deployment cannot be processed."

Hello there.

We are currently using Shopify Hydrogen in one of our Netlify builds. It runs very well to be honest (although the use of it is stated as beta), but we encountered an issue about Edge Handlers and Hydrogen API endpoint routes.

It seems, that when you create an api endpoint route and fetching this endpoint somewhere on Hydrogen (does not matter if it is a client or server component) the Netlify Edge Handlers logs return “Recursive requests to the same deployment cannot be processed.” and the whole app crashes.

We are using the fetchSync hook and the endpoint was created like here: Hydrogen - StackBlitz – the difference to our development is that inside of this api endpoint we are not fetching Shopify, instead we are fetching data from Storyblok.

We are now fearing that using api endpoints on Netlify are general not possible at the moment.

Does anyone have a clue about this issue or what we are maybe missing here?

Thanks in advance for any helpful comment!

Hey there, @patrick.schneider1 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out about this! Can you please share a URL to your site as well as the full log where you are seeing this error? This will help us investigate further.