Session storage for Telegraf with Redis

I was hoping to use Netlify Redis integration for Telegraf session storage.

const Redis = require(‘@telegraf/session/redis’)
const store = Redis({
url: “redis://”,

bot.use(session({ store }));

but is looks as if that integration is no longer supported. What is the recommended solution to store Telegraf session data these days? Please point me to a code example.

This gives a 404

That has nothing to do with Netlify as it is the Redis developer website. You’d best contact Redis about that.

Are you saying Redis is still supported? Can you please point me to a code snippet or how-to?

No I’m not. I’m also not saying it isn’t.

No I cannot. A quick session with your preferred search engine should yield some results (did for me.)

Ok. Sounds like a classic. Relationship status: It’s complicated. :wink:

Ah, but Redis has no relationship status. It’s non-relational! :grin: