Self Subdomain not redirect to another domain url

netlify site name:
custom domain:

error messages:

  1. Accessing

Not Found - Request ID: 01GN7C4Q94SZCTB6J8WET7PWDC

    1. Accessing

Not Found - Request ID: 01GN7C87MPPG773T0T5YXGZR6G

Build log is all OK

Cloudflare DNS config:

Netlify _redirects file     301! 301! 301!

I solved my problem creating a “Domain alias” on Netlify => Site => Domain management => Domains => Custom domains

Interesting, that is not what our staff would have recommended.

Of course you are welcome to use that configuration, but you should read this article about why we don’t provide tech support for your configuration (proxying to netlify from cloudflare):