Searching for Netlify + React + AWS Cognito example

I use the Netlify Identity widget for a few production sites but my users are complaining about the password manager bug: Netlify-identity-widget doesn't support autofill by password managers

I’ve taken a stab at it myself but haven’t found a solution, so I’m thinking about migrating to AWS Cognito.

I was wondering if anyone has an example repo for using AWS Cognito with a React app on netlify?

Hey there,

Unfortunately, I’m drawing a blank too! It looks like others have avoided this and opted for something like this.

Yeah - I’ve played with that too but it was too involved for me. I really like the low overhead of the netlify widget so looking for something to replace that. Maybe Auth0, they have some decent quickstart guides, but I’m already leveraging AWS lambda functions so seems like Cognito would play nicer with my existing setup.