Safari won't load website

Currently I have a site that has been deployed and will open on chrome and microsoft edge, but when I try to open it through my iphone (Safari) or duckduckgo on the same phone. I get the “Safari can not open the page because the server can not be found error” and a not found error.

As seen below:

My netlify site name is

Thank you for taking the time to read this

This looks like a local issue to me. I’d recommend using a different device/browser/network (or try using VPN).

I have tried on multiple devices and browsers and it is only when I use safari. I have tried opening the site through safari on multiple devices and it wont open.

My concern is when customers who are directed to the website that use safari will not be able to open the site.

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It appears to load fine as I said before:

So not sure what’s happening on your end.

Let me join in too. I’m having a similar issue with Safari.

I can see the site on desktop Chrome, but Safari give me nothing

Hi @mrdcmiller,

The website seems to be deleted/renamed. Are you still having issues?

Hey @hrishikesh

After sorting through some things in Safari can't find server - #10 by mrdcmiller appears @mrdcmiller has started a new thread for the issue

Thanks @coelmay, found that!