Routing broken when deploying with Sapper / Svelte

I recently deployed an application in netlify.

I used the npm run dev build command and __sapper__/export, as I have with another sapper project deployed on netlify.

My issues are the following…

  1. Routes do no work. What I mean is, I can click a nav link, and the browser will load that nav link into the browser url search bar, however, the page never redirects. If, after clicking a nav link, and I see it in my url browser, refreshing will result in seeing the desired page.

  2. I have one route that is not in the nav bar, and when trying to visit that route by manually entering it into my browser, I get a “page not found” netlify error page.

My application works fine locally, but the routing it not working here. What is weird is that I do not see why the route that isn’t in my Nav bar would be broken when trying to navigate to it.

I have seen others ask similar questions but I can’t seem to fix the issue.

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Hi, @Netlified, without being able to see the site and reproduce the issue we won’t be able to assist you much.

Would you please send us a link to the page which isn’t working and let us know what steps are needed there to reproduce this?

You can private message (PM) that to one of our support staff and I’ve confirmed that PMs are enabled for your community login. Note, that only one person can see the PM and this will likely mean a slower reply than posting the information publicly. Please feel free to reply to however you prefer though.