Cannot read property 'name' of undefined after deply to netlify :/

Dev works just fine, even “netlify dev” but on netlify I just get

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined

Am I missing something?

hi there,

does your build work locally? Seems like a JS error to me - are you sure all your scripts are in the right place? Keep in mind that our system is case sensitive, which can cause issues in some cases.

Not only does it work with ‘npm run dev’, it works with ‘netlify dev’

Checked in though… Just does that

So I just started removing things…

  1. The error is coming from the “nuxt-link” components, if I remove those, no script error
  2. With no script errors the default page\route doesn’t render anything still… other valid routes also don’t render anything. HOWEVER an invalid route I guess properly shows the netlify 404 page. So I think routing is okay…
  3. I removed the nuxt links, just plain anchor links for now… still no routed content
  4. Above and below the nuxt element in the layout I added blue\red hr elements to show where the content “should” be

I’m pretty stumped

Resolved… vue-router-backbutton seems to have been the issue

Why it’s fine on dev but not netlify, damned if I know :confused:

hey steve,

thanks for taking us through your troubleshooting process - that’s indeed pretty confusing.

I’d encourage you to file an issue on

so we can take a closer look - ideally, it shouldn’t work on dev but not on netlify.