Rewrites not working with Netlify Dev and Webpack

I have a single page app built with a custom webpack config. Nothing terribly exciting. Previously I’d been running the webpack-dev-server and enabling the history fallback (unmatched urls to index.html) But I want to use the netlify dev server so I don’t have to duplicate my api proxy declarations, and so I can use the --live mode. However the rewrites don’t seem to be functioning correctly.

This is my netlify.toml

  command = "yarn build"
  publish = "dist/"
  command = "yarn webpack-dev-server" # Command to start your dev server
  port = 9000 # Port that the dev server will be listening on
  targetPort = 9002 # Port of target app server
  publish = "dist/"
  autoLaunch = true # a Boolean value that determines if Netlify Dev launches the local server address in your browser

This is my _redirects file

/*   /index.html    200

Currently I have 2 routes configured / and /home, they both point to the same page.
When I navigate to localhost:9000 I see the home page, but when I go to: localhost:9000/home I see the following message:

Cannot GET /home/index.htm

When I change my _redirects file to be like this:

/home    /index.html    200
/*    /index.html    200

Everything seems to be working. Given the documentation here: rewrites-proxies It seems like I’m doing this correctly, and it’s working when I deploy the site.

I tested this morning taking webpack-dev-server out of the mix. Ran Webpack to bundle the output of the site and served it as a static site from netlify-dev. This has the exact same issue that I’m getting 404 responses when going to paths like /home even though my _redirects file says that any not-found response should proxy to index.html.

Thank you for reporting this issue @cpardy. This should be fixed by the latest version (netlify-cli@2.43.0).
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