Return error response when using apollo-server-lambda and apollo-persist-query in netlify functions

My site is, it’s a netlify function using apollo-server-lambda. And I use apollo-link-http and apollo-persist-query in client. When I use netlify dev in local environment, It’s work normal. But When I deploy to netlify functions, it return error response to persist queries. For example, here is a request, I want get all articles(I have disable the cache) , it should return getAllArticles.

But it return getprofile


And I try to open the request in a new window, it shows

  "errors": Array[1][
      "message": "PersistedQueryNotFound",
      "extensions": {

if it help, my netlify functions code is here
And client code is here
Thanks very much!

Hi @jameslahm, welcome to the community.

It looks like you are proxying from /graphql to your netlify function. From experience, I know that when proxying, passing through query strings are not super reliable. Can you try removing the redirect rule in your netlify.toml file and then hitting the function directly (/.netlify/functions/graphql) and see if that works better?