Graphql function 404 response to request from apollo

Site name:
Everything works fine locally but when we try to open our website on the deployed address, we get 404 response from graphql API. We basically tried everything. I am posting our toml file, apollo client file and error message. Please let me know if there is anything else do you want me to post.


POST 404


functions = "functions"
# Production context: all deploys from the Production branch set in your site's
# deploy contexts will inherit these settings.
 publish = "public/"
 command = "npm run build"
 environment = { GATSBY_CONTENTFUL_SPACE_ID = "***", GATSBY_CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN = "***", GATSBY_URI = "/.netlify/functions/graphql", NODE_VERSION = "13.9.0", YARN_VERSION ="1.17.3"}


import fetch from "isomorphic-fetch"

import ApolloClient from "apollo-boost"

export const client = new ApolloClient({
  uri: process.env.GATSBY_URI,

What might be our problem and how can we solve it?

Thank you for your time.

Hi, I checked your site and it doesn’t look like the graphql function was deployed. You can see that here: (you’ll need to be logged in). Doing a POST to does result in ‘hello world’.