Resetting cache used for deploy previews

I’m looking for a way to restart the cache for deploy previews.

The issue I’m running into:

  • we’ve updated node version from 8 to 11
  • node-sass usually needs to be re-installed when this sort of change happens
  • suspecting that node-sass’s v8 bindings have been cached as a dependency

I’ve tried re-running builds using the clear cache option but I don’t think it is actually clearing the cache.

Builds run fine locally & on travis. Would appreciate any help :slight_smile:


Howdy! Could you link us to your deploy logs so we can see the whole thing and also check your site settings in our database? The build script will always say those lines even in the absence of any cache, but in case you first see a line like:

5:54:41 PM: Starting to download cache of 254.9KB

that means no cache was actually used :slight_smile: