Cache Issue on Deploy Preview

Hi -

I am having issues with my deploy previews for I am making changes to my css but they are not showing up in the deploy preview. I have tried resetting the cache on my browser but it is still not working. Is there a way I can reset the cache on Netlify?

Netlify cache is something that’s almost never an issue. It’s setup in a way that if your depoy succeeds, the cache will also be changed for changed assets. Read more here:

Also, you’re using deploy previews. Since all deploy previews anyways have different URLs, I don’t see how cache will be an issue. I think there’s something else that’s wrong.

Hey @danielleolgin,
This may have been due to how we were previously implementing Deploy Preview caching. We made a change this week though (check out the post here: Build cache is now updated in Deploy Preview builds), so please let us know if you’re still running into this!