Requiring successful deploy of demo site on push to a Hugo module

I’ve recently removed an exampleSite from a Hugo module I have developed (and others have expressed an interested in) because it was consuming too much bandwidth when users checked it out to use as a module (its primary purpose).

I used the exampleSite both to deploy a demo/example site as well as a basic CI check. I am not sure how to do the same thing with the demo/example site in a separate repository.

I want the CI check to fail for the module repo if the build/deploy fails on a push to the module repo.

I’d prefer to not need a netlify.toml if possible, although I have used them when necessary.

Oh, the site (currently not linked to a repo because there is currently no exampleSite in the module, and I’m hoping to have solution for this before pushing a new (demo site) repo):

Any thoughts?

This is solved in How to trigger a Netlify build of another repo in a module repo's GitHub Action and can be closed.