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"Request must be smaller than" today is different than yesterday

Hello there,

Today I cannot upload my function anymore because the size.
Strange thing since my function, and its dependencies, didn’t change.
I deployed yesterday the same and it went fine.
Furthermore, if I build my function locally, the zip file is definitely smaller that the 69905067 limit (it’s actually 54840524).

Is there something different in the service since today?

Many thanks for the support

Hi there, @abusedmedia :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please share your site and your function name? This will help us look into this further.

Hello @hillary

this is the function that uses the last working deploy:


today I’ve tried many times to deploy but the message was always the same about the size of that func.

Tell me if you need further info.

Thanks for the help!

Lambda needs the file size < 50 MB

Read here:


You can try using esbuild to see if it makes a difference, but if not, you’d have to take a look at reducing your bundle size.

Thanks @hrishikesh

The 69905067 value was misleading to me.


AWS adds additional data to it which takes the size further beyond the 50 MB. As you can see, it’s not an error from Netlify, but from AWS:

But I agree, we could probably format it in a better way before presenting it to the end user.