Reporting an issue with Pretty URLs

I noticed something odd with Pretty URL support. I have a site where I did not want the redirects to happen, yet they were even though all asset optimization was turned off. In order to “really” turn off this behavior, I had to click to turn on Asset Optimization and then click to turn off Pretty URLs. That seems like a bug, right?

Hey there, @cfjedimaster :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. Can you share the site where you were seeing this behaviour? (don’t judge - old community site I moved to netlify :wink:

Hey there, @cfjedimaster :wave:

No judgement here-- I love seeing all types of sites, old and new!

I did some poking around, and I believe what you are encountering is this: Pretty URLs, URL Routing, and Trailing-Slashes - #10

As I mention to Jon in that thread I linked above, the Product team directly has this feedback. If you have additional thoughts or suggestions, I would be happy to pass them along as well.

As always, thanks for your consistent participation in the Netlify Forums! We appreciate your insights and questions.