Removing No index tag from my website

Hru everyone?
I am using netlify for my website but on google search console its giving error excluded by no index tag
I can’t find how to remove it
I can’t edit my code since I haven’t pc
Is there a way to solve this problem

You will need to make some changes.

What is your site @M.A.KGAMER?


And there is the noindex in the screenshot below. You will need to edit it out of the HTML and redeploy the site.

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on every page? I will try + why my website haven’t embed?

On any page you don’t want it on.

I don’t understand the question.

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Like embed preview on discord, Whatsapp and X(formerly Twitter).
2nd is there a way to setup custom 404 error and page?

This isn’t a generic help forum. This forum is for issues related to Netlify and this isn’t. However I know the solution: you need to add Open Graph data.

You can find the answer to this question in Netlify’s documentation here.

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For open graph it seems difficult
2nd thanks for the help

It’s just like writing HTML because that’s all it is.

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Can I add that code via head/head snippet?

Each page needs to have different tag content so using a snippet isn’t ideal.