Registration with email confirmation on mobile app


I have a nuxt + ionic project which uses Netlify Identity for authentication.
This project is designed for web and also for mobile app (using capacitor to build it in an android app).
How can I use netlify identity registration with confirmation on mobile app? Because on web it’s simple: you receive an email with the confirmation link that contains the confirmation token which will be verified when you go to that link. But on mobile app:

  1. Can be used the same approach with email confirmation but sending only the token that can be copied and used in the app for confirmation?

  2. Can be used another approach through netlify identity that is more suitable for mobile apps?

  3. Should be used another approach that doesn’t include netlify identity?

Thank you!

Greetings @ClaudiaGiv :wave:t2:

There are two approaches that come to my mind. First, you’re allowed to change your email templates to not have a baked-in URL but the raw (copy+pastable) token as you eluded to. That’s documented here:

Second, you could leverage Universal Links to get the mobile app’s operating system to open links from their email directly in your app instead of the browser. I’ll leave that research to you though :slight_smile:


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Thanks a lot @jonsully