Regain ownership of Netlify domain registered to deleted account

I previously had registered the domain to my Netlify user account under another email (, and was using it for a site that I believe was called dr-fethke-site. I most recently renewed the registration of as of April 1st of this year.

In the process of re-doing this website last week, I deleted it from Netlify, and then proceeded to delete the user account, forgetting the fact that this is where I managed the domain in question.

Since then, I have been trying to re-access this domain, but the original account no longer exists. When I try to lookup the domain from my current account, I am told that it is still being used by another site on another team (the one that was deleted).

Is there any way that ownership of this domain can be transferred to my current account? The only way I can prove ownership is via the email the domain was registered with, but now I’m not even sure if these emails still work (the domain is registered to Netlify and linked to a Google Workspace account.)

Please let me know whether there is anything that can be done, thank you. I need to regain ownership of this domain so that I can complete this website rebuild for a client’s book launch.

I’ve responded to your ticket in our helpdesk, feel free to follow up there with any further questions.

Where is that exactly? I thought this was the help desk…

You can check for that response in the email address you used to submit your ticket! If you’re having issues locating it let me know and we can continue the discussion here.