Redirects for SPA not working

I have deployed a SPA app and would like all paths to be rewritten to /index.html. I followed the docs for this, but it is not working.

I’ve double checked everything:

  • There is a _redirects folder in the correct place
  • The syntax is correct
  • Netlify acknowledges the rule, it says “1 redirect rule processed” in the deploy summary
  • I tried forcing redirects with a ! at the end, but as expected that made no difference

Am I missing something?

Screenshot of build artifact (downloaded from netlify) with the _redirects file and the contents of it:

Hi @doe, welcome.
If possible can you share the repository of your project for me to help with the debugging.


It was broken when I left work yesterday but it’s working now. I’m guessing there was an issue and netlify has corrected it by now? Cache was not the problem.

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Hi @doe, thanks for sharing an update on the status of your project.
Glad it is working now.