Redirect with query parameters not working

Hi folks,
I was trying to set up a redirect for my personal site (, netlify site id: abahgat) according to the documentation here but can’t get it to work.

I would like to set up a redirect from


I tried a number of settings in my _redirects file, such as

/newsletter/confirmation/ confirmed=:confirmed /newsletter/confirmed/ 301


/newsletter/confirmation/ confirmed=true /newsletter/confirmed/ 301

and a few other variations, none of which worked.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

hi there! can you first confirm that all of your redirects are being processed?

if yes, before we dig in, did you see this brand new guide on debugging redirects?

I strongly suggest you give it a thorough read through and see if this fixes your problem:

if not, please post again, and we’ll try and troubleshoot.

Thank you Perry! Yes,

  • I see all 56 rules as processed on the deploy summary page.
  • I have reviewed the support guide page but couldn’t find any indications on what to try next.

I also just tried the following config but it did not work either.

/newsletter/confirmation/ confirmed=:confirmed /newsletter/confirmed/?confirmed=:confirmed 301

Hey there, @abahgat :wave:

It looks like this thread has been a bit quiet the past week! Are you still encountering this issue? If so, what additional steps have you taken in the interim?

Let me know! If you are still having trouble I will bring this to a member of our Support team.

Hi Hillary,

Thank you for checking in. Unfortunately I am still running into this problem and have not been able to solve it yet.


/newsletter/confirmation/?confirmed=true /newsletter/confirmed 301! should do the trick :slight_smile:

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