Redirect loop detected and can't renew SSL

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My site is currently down, I get this error, and I can’t find the issue.

It would seem there is a redirect on the domain such that the apex redirects to the www subdomain and vice versa.

You could solve this (potentially) by changing the primary domain under Site settings > Domain management

If you want the primary domain as it is currently configured, then removing whatever redirects exist in either the _redirects or netlify.toml file should solve the issue.

Thanks Jasiqli,

Where do I access the netlify.toml file?


Hi, @NathanChessworth. The following DNS record doesn’t point to Netlify:	14400	IN	AAAA	2001:41d0:802:5c00::

That is the DNS record in the error message. If you delete the DNS record above and wait four hours (the time to live or TTL above is 14400 second which is 4 hours), then the SSL certificate will be renewed when you click the “Renew certificate” button. Please wait the four hours before clicking it as there is a limit on attempts and if you spam the button before the TTL expires it will likely further delay the renewal.

The four hour timer starts whenever you delete the DNS record. If you still cannot renew the SSL after that time, please let us know.

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Hi Luke,

Thanks for this although it seems the SSL provision is already temporarily unavailable.

How long will this last?


Hi @NathanChessworth :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out. I see the cert was configured today. Are you still experiencing this problem?

I’m all sorted now, thanks so much!