Redirect is not working using _redirects file while working locally

My redirection from /gitcheatsheet to /goodies/gitcheatsheet is not working.

  • The redirect is done using a _redirects file with the following content
    /gitcheatsheet /goodies/gitcheatsheet 301!
  • The deploy indicates " 1 redirect rule processed All redirect rules deployed without errors."
  • The _redirects file is present in the files deployed on netlify
  • My website is

I have also tried putting the redirect files in the netlify.toml file. When I do that the redirect works locally using netlify dev but not when deployed in netlify.

I only managed to make it work by using the experimental routerules features from Nitro (I’m building a Nuxt site) once I removed my redirects file, and rules in netilfy.toml. I would rather use a more classical way of doing that.

The redirect that you’ve shown here and the one that you’ve deployed, do not match. The one you’ve displayed here should work fine.

After posting this message, I did another deploy using the routerrules from Nitro, that is why. I’ve just redeployed the version with the _redirects I put there. It is the version currently deployed, I downloaded the _redirects file to ensure the content was the one I was showing there. And it does not work.

I’m probably missing something but the deployed site contains the redirects file with the /gitcheatsheet /goodies/gitcheatsheet 301! content.

The current redirect seems to have an extra space in the start:


Removing that should fix it.