Redirect from non-owned domain to specific page

One of our clients (hosted on Netlify) is suffering from identity fraud with a domain pointing at their website that isn’t in their control.

i.e. redirects to

How can I redirect the fraudulent domain to point to a specific page on the clients Netlify site?

Sorry to hear that, @neil!

If you’re asking a general question about how to setup redirects, then that’s fairly straightforward and in our docs. However, I’m not sure that will actually help since we redirect based on the domain and path and those I assume point to your real site. Can you share more details and provide real domains here?

Hi @futuregerald - the fraudulent domain name is redirecting to our clients domain

We’ve tried a few different things but can’t seem to get the fraudulent domain to redirect to a specific page on our website so we can flag up the fraud to any unsuspected people.

Hi @neil, since the domain is not configured on your site, you won’t be able to use our redirects feature to redirect it. It does seem to be something configured at Namecheap as shown in the screenshot:

. Since it is redirecting from them, perhaps you can contact them regarding the issue?