Redirect /blog/:year/:month/:date/:slug not working as expected

Hi guys. My _redirect file has the following content:
/blog/:year/:month/:date/:slug /:slug

But the redirect is not correct, the URL or redirect to wrong URL:

Can I do this configuration?


hiya @dulcetti and welcome to our community!

As far as I can tell your site does not have a redirect like one you mention - it has 200 other redirects but I don’t see that one listed, so it wouldn’t work.

Maybe you removed it in the meantime? If you still have some redirect that doesn’t work, or could link me to an older deploy’s logs page where the redirect was in place, I can check there to try to advise…

Hi @fool, thanks.

Yeah, I removed the old redirect and put all redirect posts at _redirect file because I have few posts. Well, I have the code here, at line 2, and the link here